Dental Cleanings in Buda, TX

Dental Check-Ups at Dental Studio

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Dentists recommend regular teeth cleanings at least twice per year. While your dentist may recommend more, these cleanings help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases that could hurt your mouth, and your wallet, down the road.

Dental Studio is a family-friendly dentist office in Buda, Texas. We are excited to offer new patients a first exam, cleaning, and x-rays for just $99! With the latest dental technology, we are able to give the absolute best to our patients.

During your dental cleaning, our incredible hygienist will thoroughly clean the plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth, revealing the beautiful smile underneath! After, the dentist will review your x-rays and examine your gums, throat, and mouth for any potential signs of further decay or disease.  Bi-yearly exams help ensure you don’t have a dental emergency later.

Cavity Treatment & Prevention

Cavities affect nearly every American, and while they can lead to severe tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease, there are treatments and prevention plans that can help decrease the likelihood that you will experience cavities. At Dental Studio, we are dedicated to educating our patients on the proper techniques of dental hygiene. If you are prone to cavities, we are happy to help you get the right dental treatment in a relaxing, supportive environment.

Normally, a cavity is treated with a composite filling, as it is the quickest and safest way to stop the cavity from spreading while also preserving the tooth. During this procedure, we’ll numb the area surrounding the tooth, remove the decayed portion, and “fill” it. For bigger cavities, we may recommend a different treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the most important reasons for preventive exams and cleanings with a dentist is to receive an oral cancer screening. During your bi-yearly exam, the dentist will examine your mouth, throat, and neck. If the dentist suspects anything suspicious, he will diagnose and recommend a treatment plan and subsequent plans of action. Luckily, the earlier oral cancers are caught, the better chance of a successful recovery.

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