Children’s Dentistry in Buda, TX

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Starting good dental habits young is vital for excellent dental health into adulthood. At Dental Studio, we would love to care for the dental needs of your entire family, including your children. We know that life can get busy, so schedule one or schedule all – we can’t wait to make you a part of our family!

Children's Dentistry

While proper brushing and flossing routines can start at home as early as 6 months of age, it is also recommended to schedule your child with a dentist before they turn one-year-old. At our office, we make the process easy and can schedule you and your children for dental check-ups for the same day.

Schedule Twice a Year Children’s Dentist Check-Ups

When your children start losing their teeth around the age of 5, it becomes even more essential to establish good dental routines. By the time a child is 12, they should have lost all of their baby teeth and have healthy habits to keep cavities and other dental health issues at bay.  Regular dental appointments include a deep cleaning, which helps remove plaque and build-up from the areas your child may miss when brushing or flossing.

Our team at Dental Studio will help to make sure your whole family knows the proper techniques for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile, while also tracking your child’s oral development. Keeping up with regular appointments can determine the presence of underbites, overbites, need for braces, gum issues, etc. Schedule appointments every 6 months to not only care for your child’s oral health, but to also emphasize the importance of preventative care and dental hygiene as a long-lasting value in your child’s life.

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